List of my M.S. Graduates

name, thesis topic, graduation date,
  1. Sanjoy K. Mishra, "Nonrigid Motion Estimation from Point and Line Correspondences", 4/91.
  2. Hongpin Li, "3D Model Construction from Multiple Unknown Range Views", 4/91 (with K. Bowyer).
  3. Chandra Kambhamettu, "Curvature-Based Approach to Point Correspondence Recovery in Nonrigid Motion", 12/91.
  4. Chin-Tzay Lin, "Motion Estimation from Scaled Orthographic Projections without Correspondences", 12/91.
  5. Senthil Kumar, "Automatic Tracking of SPAMM Grid in Cardiac MR Images and the Estimation of Deformation Parameters", 12/92.
  6. Art Matheny, "The Use of Three- and Four-Dimensional Surface Harmonics for Rigid and Non-Rigid Shape Recovery and Representation", 12/92.
  7. Chunlin Li, "Knowledge Based Classification and Tissue Labeling of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Brain", 12/92 (with L. Hall).
  8. Hsiao-Kun Tu, "Left Ventricular Boundary Detection From Spatio-Temporal Volumetric Computed Tomography Images", 8/93.
  9. Song Han, "Modeling and Reconstruction of Nonrigid Shapes using Hyperquadrics", 8/93 (nc).
  10. Adam Hoover, "Creating a boundary representation from a range image", 8/93 (with K. Bowyer).
  11. Mathew Clark, "Segmentation MRI Volumes of the Brain with Knowledge-Based Clustering", 8/94 (with L. Hall).
  12. Bruce E. Montrose, "Object Correspondence and Motion estimation using Maximal Matching Techniques on OPUS Data", 12/94.
  13. Leonid V. Tsap, "Efficient Utilization of Nonlinear Finite Element Method for Nonrigid Motion Analysis", 8/95.
  14. Mingrui Zhang, "Knowledge-based Classification of CZCS Images and Monitoring of Phytoplankton Blooms off the West Florida Shelf", 8/96 (with L. Hall).
  15. Min C. Shin, "An Objective Comparison of Edge Detection Algorithms for Structure from Motion Task ", 5/98.
  16. Wensheng Yao, "Knowledge-Based Classification of SEAWIFS Satellite Images for Monitoring Phytoplankton Blooms off West Florida Shelf ". 8/99 (with L. Hall).
  17. Jungwei Ke, " Fast Accurate Fuzzy Clustering Through Reduced Precision" 9/99 (with L. Hall).
  18. Li Zhou, "Computer Aided Image Analysis of Skin Histology Images", 12/00 (with S. Sarkar).
  19. Jamie Freeman, "Compression techniques for microarray images", 8/00.
  20. Yong Zhang, "An FEM based Motion Recovery Algorithms and it Application in Computer Vision and Imaging", 12/00 (with S. Sarkar).
  21. Jing Lin, "Theory and Algorithms for 3D Tracking of Objects under Affine Motion", 12/01.
  22. Yelena Mukomel, ``Analysis of lesions in Three-dimensional Skin Images", 12/02 (with S. Sarkar).
  23. Haiying Zhang, ``Detecting Red Tides off West Florida Shelf by Classification of SeaWIFS Sattelite Imagery", 12/02 (with L. Hall).
  24. Sorin Anton, ``A Finite Element Based Approach in Computer Vision and its Applications for Nonrigid Registration and Biometrics", 12/02.
  25. Mugdha Tembey, "Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Mammographic Microcalcification Clusters", 12/03 (with M. Kallergi)
  26. Krassimir Ivanov, "Automatic Location and Segmentation of Skin Lesions Using 3D Rang Scanner", 12/03 (with S. Sarkar)
  27. Yan Qiu, "3D Deformation Model for Lesion Correspondence in Breast Imaging", 12/03 (with L. Li)
  28. Bhavesh Goswami, "Optimizing Cost and Data Entry for Assignment of Patients to Clinical Trials Using Analytical and Probabilistic Web-Based Agents", 12/03 (with L. Hall)
  29. Sangeeta Kundu, "Facial Strain Maps as a Biometric Source", 8/05 (with S. Sarkar).
  30. Kurt Kramer, ”Identifying Plankton from Grayscale Silhouette Images”, 12/05.
  31. Vidya Kamath, ”Use of Random Subspaces Ensembles on Gene Expression Profiles to Enhance the Accuracy of Survival Prediction for Colon Cancer Patients”, 12/05 (with R. Kasturi).
  32. Li Chen, "Ranking-based Methods for Gene Selection", 4/06 (with L. Li).
  33. Valentina Korzhova, "Tracking Fluid Flow in a Spinning Disk Reactor", 4/06.
  34. Vasant Manohar, "Video-based Person Identification using Facial Strain Maps as a Biometric", 4/06.
  35. Tim V. Ivanovskiy, "Mining Medical Data in a Clinical Environment", 7/06 (with L. Hall).
  36. Chintan Thakkar, "Ventricle Slice Detection In MR Images Using Hough Transform and Object Matching Techniques", 12/06 (with L. Hall).
  37. Sergiy Fefilatyev, "Detection of Marine Vehicles in Images and Video of Open Sea", 6/08
  38. Weijian Cheng, ”Automatic Red Tide Detection Using MODIS Satellite Images”, 4/09 (with L. Hall)
  39. Sridhar Godavarthy, ”Microexpression Spotting in Video using Optical Strain”, 8/10
  40. Om Pavithra Bonam, ”Automated Quantification of Biological Microstructures Using Unbiased Stereology”, 6/11 (with L. Hall)
  41. Daniel Toby Elozory, ”Using a Focus Measure to Automate the Location of Biological Tissue Surfaces in Brightfield Microscopy”, 6/11 (with L. Hall)
  42. Joshua Kidd, ”Detecting Surface Oil using Unsupervised Learning Techniques on MODIS Satellite Data, 5/12 (with L. Hall)
  43. Owen Watson, "Full 3D Reconstruction from Multiple RGB-D Cameras", 5/13 (with S. Sarkar)

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